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Empowering and transforming families through empowerment

Community Breakthrough Support Mission

CBSM is a charitable organization making a difference in the lives of thousands of needy children through rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration back to society. We are a duly registered non-governmental Organization (non-profit making) under Kenya Laws mandated to oversee both residential and community based child care programmers and community empowerment initiatives.

Since its inception, every successive year, CBSM becomes a home and a hope to street children, orphans, abandoned, abused, HIV & AIDS affected and infected, desperate and neglected children. Each child seeking protection from CBSM regardless of their religion, sex, color or tribe, find place of refuge. We provide them with food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, spiritual guidance, mentorship and – most importantly – parental love. Committed to unity of purpose to empower families and protect Children from suffering neglect as well as abuses.

We consider quality-integrated education as the best mode of rehabilitation. Through this program, we facilitate full transformation of rescued children by supporting them through formal and informal education until they acquire the highest level of training based on their ability. We currently take care of over 500 children in our residential care and schools.

Children living with disabilities are accorded opportunity to learn and be mentored into responsible persons. Women and youth are inducted and facilitated to join CBSM Sacco. The sacco targets low income earners, by training them in entrepreneurship, business management, agribusiness, Child protection, HIV & AIDS and general family care. With a membership of over 150 households, we envision to impact the greater community and cushion vulnerable children from suffering and neglect that has been rampant in the area.

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What drives us

To live in a just society where the less fortunate are facilitated in acquiring protection, care, support and knowledge to better their lives and also to offer comprehensive care and support to marginalized members of society and bring about socio-economic independence.

Our target group

CBSM targets a population of the less fortunate persons. Those individuals or group of individuals due to circumstances beyond their control, that finds themselves in the state of disadvantage. Those in abject poverty, famine stricken, low in technological development, have poor resource mobilization and exploitation capabilities, most vulnerable, the abused among a host of other vulnerable group. The target population has no limit in geographic location provided they share these features of quantifiable destitution.


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