Privacy Policy

This policy it’s meant to be informal and not a legal agreement or contract. Where agreement is implied below, it’s understood as user consent through their web browser settings. This interpretation is in compliance with the Norwegian “ekomloven” which is the local adaptation of EU directive 2009/136/EF: better know as the “EU cookie law”. Important data points have been highlighted in bold to make the text more readable.

Servers and logs

Technical definitions: A “request” means the standard HTTP request your web browser or other client software transmit to a server for the purpose of retrieving a resource. “Request information” refers to the standard HTTP request headers sent to the server by your web browser or other client software and can include the time of the request, the name of client software, your IP address, your preferred language, and other standard headers.

This website is delivered through Netlify's CDN and Netlify's Cloud. All content delivery providers may collect and store your request information temporarily and use it exclusively for the purposes of delivering this website to you and to detect and block automated misuse and security issues (“malicious bot activity”).

All request information is logged and stored by CBSM Kenya for up to 60 days, usually no more than 30 days. Attempts at accessing password protected resources or requests that are automatically identified as automated, aggressive/high-frequency, or malicious may be logged for up to one year. This information is used for aggregated statistical purposes such as identifying which web browsers or operating systems are the most popular, or which webpages are the most popular. The logs can also be used to identify and troubleshoot technical problems.

Automated software may identify and refuse service to IP addresses that are through to be unusual, disruptive, or hostile in order to protect the server and security.


There's currently no third-party or internal software for analytics installed.

Secure communications

Everything served from this site, is loaded over an encrypted connection between your device and the server (HTTPS) providing added protection against surveillance and interference by third-parties.

Newsletter and your email address

You can share your email address with CBSM Kenya and receive periodic updates in your email inbox. Your email address is stored by CBSM Kenya exclusively for the purpose of delivering you news about new and updated articles on our cause.

You can delete your email address from our lists by unsubscribing from the list. Your email address will be removed from the mailing lists immediately, but it will remain in the email delivery system for up to one month afterwards before its deleted permanently. Your email address may also remain in backups for an additional to 30 days.

Additional notices for third-party content

Efforts have been made to reduce the amount of third-party embedded content and data minimization techniques have been deployed to reduce data sharing with any third-parties where third-party content has been embedded.

This website usually hosts all resources that are included on its pages on its own webservers out of principle. Their use on this site is limited so it should only concern a small minority of pages, however occasional third-party content (like a video or graph) may be embedded and loaded as part of specific pages. The terms and conditions as well as privacy policies of these third-party embedded contents are provided by the service provider. Please refer to the privacy policies of these services to learn more about their use on this websites.

This privacy policy can change without notice. Changes will appear on this page.