We find opportunities to lead a dignified life for the poor

About the Program

Impediments to human growth and development comes in different shades and challenges. Lack of access to proper health care services due to poverty or lack, has denied many children from poor background the opportunity to lead a dignified life. Many children in this community suffer, die or made live with disability as a result of common and yet preventable diseases. The challenges posed by Malaria, Typhoid, HIV and AIDS have made lives of most families miserable and poor. Miserable as the little family saving is spend on expensive and elusive health care services or poor for they are every living on less than a dollar a day. The poor man’s disease that is associated with poor hygiene such as jiggers have been reported in every household.

HIV & AIDS Support

CBSM has a deliberate effort in ensuring both sustained awareness on HIV & AIDS as well as provide care to those living with the virus. Among many beneficiaries accessing care and support who are living with the virus are accorded due care in collaborations with neighboring health facilities. Integration of HIV & AIDS prevention and awareness initiatives in our core programmes ensures that the community is sustainably aware of the scourge and its impact. We partner with other agencies in ensuring that best services i.e voluntary counseling and Testing, campaigns are carried out regularly.

Anti-Jiggers Campaign

Poor members of the community infested with jiggers are denied opportunity to enjoy life or participate in economic activities. The problem has been found to affect mostly those from very poor background and are incapable of keeping their environment clean. CBSM through its outreach programme, has identified families and children infested with jiggers for rehabilitation, care and support.


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